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Movie review – Closer

A movie (well, DVD) review because I feel like it. This might be something I’ll make a habit of – good thing to do and good practice.

Getting “Closer” to the truth?

An intriguing, deeply theatrical experience, with four outstanding performances and one of the best screenplays in years.

“Closer” is not as much about “real” human relationships as it is a mystery story that tries to answer the question “who are we and why do we behave the way we do?” The dialogue is outstanding (it reminds me of Aaron Sorkin at his best), and perfectly illustrates each character.

It won’t be for everyone, as this is a very adult story with very adult descriptions of sex and sexuality, though surprisingly, words are all you see (or rather hear!)

Natalie Portman is a gorgeous mystery, Clive Owen is tragically macho, Jude Law is deceptive yet pathetic and Julia Roberts is quite deliberately emotionless – and they all work. Mike Nichols direction is measured and brings just enough cinematic quality to a story that is still very theatrical – there’s a lot of scenery but still only four characters.

Definitely worth seeing if you like an adult romance that goes against conventions.

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