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Yakuza party @ Fotopic.Net – Or, Naked Sushi Chick

A small part of me thinks this is a little odd and entirely sexist, but most of me thinks it’s highly original and really quite appealing… 🙂

A picture gallery from an apparently Japanese old-school traditional sushi party, which involves serving sushi off the body of a lovely naked lady 🙂 It’s called “nyotaimori” in Japanese, and is apparently all the rage for Yakuza and the like… though this gallery (which only seems to partially work, probably from the boingboing factor) is only partially working.

(Linked from Boing Boing, who really do have quite the sushi fetish…)

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 1, 2005

    You can see more pictures from the party here:
    The pics were taken at my 28th birthday party. The people in the pictures are all friends of mine.


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