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Comments are Go!

And suddenly, out of nowhere, I have comments working on the site. This was something I’d been trying to do for a little while now, and thought I had done through the blogger interface, but it didn’t seem to work.

But after the originator of the sushi post below actually sent me a comment, I found they were displaying on the permalinks for each post (but there were other problems there), so I got into the whole thing, worked out the blogger XML to display everything properly, then fixed up all my relative links into absolute ones, and republished everything to make it work.

Now posting is available to all, to comment as they please. Consider this an invitation to make a comment, because I know some people are reading this thing, but the only site stats I get are too crude to tell me much more.

So give it a go people!

(Of course, this sudden success does also immediately explain why all the posts before the last one have 0 comments – the thing wasn’t working until now!)

One Comment

  1. Mark Selan
    Mark Selan March 3, 2005

    hey steve!

    comments are go
    though i have nothing to say

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