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libsyn // podcasting made easy

If you want to make a podcast or ten… this might be just the place. Libsyn costs, but for the amount of server space you need, and the rss feeds (which may or may not be easy, depending on your tech knowledge) and everything else, this is quite an interesting service.

From the looks of it US$5 a month is all I’d need to get plenty of space and the full service. Fact is, the server space is all I need that I don’t already have, but this might be a good one.

The other real alternative is bit torrent downloads through blogtorrent or something else, which would be free, especially since I finally got the full bit torrent thing going here myself, but that might just depend on how easily I can convince other people to download the torrent way.

And yes, I’m looking at starting up a podcast. More on that soon… along with my collaborator(s).

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