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IMDB – Oscar Nominations Released

The Oscar nominations came out overnight… as expected, The Aviator leads the pack, followed by Million Dollar Baby and Finding Neverland, with Ray doing better than expected (ie: more than just Jamie Foxx.)

Good to see The Incredibles nominated for quite a few, including the expected Best Animated Feature, and the more surprising but deserved Best Original Screenplay. That category has John Logan as favourite for The Aviator, but really, isn’t it about time Charlie Kaufman won it (along with Michel Gondry and Pierre Bismuth), this time for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ?

Australia has fairly poor representation this year, with only Cate Blanchett in Supporting Actress for The Aviator, and Sejong Park and Andrew Gregory for Best Animated Short Film for Birthday Boy that I noticed. A good score you’d think, but we’re used to getting more now 🙂

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