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Can anyone in the western world believe that Bush actually won? With a bigger margin this time? With more “legitimacy”, if that will ever be possible? Has the world gone mad?

Well, apart from this sneaking certainty that half of America has just confirmed its utter stupidity for the world to see, and they don’t care in the slightest, it’s hard to know what the next four years will bring. Whatever American gets (at least that half, anyway), they deserve, but what about the rest of us? How many wars now? How much bullshit will we have to take?

The ultimate irony for the US of course is the fact that the people most likely to be under threat from terrorists (the north east and west coast), were the least likely to vote for Bush, while the dumb fucking hicks under next to no threat from anything except themselves were the most likely to vote for him. Maybe fear is sometimes easier to use on people when it isn’t really there – while the people who have some of the real threat are more content to just get on with their lives – and are more likely to see through all the bullshit that has been damaging them before now.

Oh well. Stick together smart people. And watch out for the fundamentalists, because they dominate both sides.

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