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As cold here as ever… well not exactly, but it feels like it. And I’m sick, and Sallie’s sick (we’re just such a pair :)) I’m really not used to this feeling, since I can honestly say that sickness isn’t that common for me… but I suppose it will pass eventually. The coughing is really bad of course.

Job hunting continues. I almost completely rewrote my resume this week. Interesting new look, hopefully it makes a difference. I’m going to work out where I can preemptively apply for the good jobs, rather than waiting for ads to appear. Better way to go.

Of course, the more important things progress, though slowly. Not much writing getting done in these cold, sick months sadly, though I do have SNAPSHOT in a pretty good competition right now. Should find out whether I’ve made it to round two in a week or so. Will see where that leads.

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