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What I’ve been doing lately…

Woodworking. It’s interesting, and it’s different to sitting in front of a computer for 16 hours a day, which is where you can usually find me (either working or writing.) Right now I’m building a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling and gives you space to well, hang your pots. I haven’t done this before, but it’s looking surprisingly good.

Writing – well sort of. I’m been going over a few comic story proposals, but I wonder if I should bother right now. It’s not that I don’t want to, or that I don’t have any interest, but various aspects of this make it very difficult to do it alone (primarily getting an artist,) and I’m really not sure that I should devote my writing energies to anything that I can’t do 100% myself. Which means of course, that I should be devoting my time to the novel. Which is good most of the time, but I’m suffering from the dreaded “everything else is fucked up” syndrome. When I have so many other problems, it’s hard to keep up the energy to write, and worse still it’s hard to get that energy at the end of the day – at a job that barely taxes my interests at all.

MONEY – Right now, that’s where it’s all at. Despite the fact that I work fulltime, I have fuck all of it. Last pay check it was all gone in three days. My girlfriend unfortunately does not have a job right now, which is much of the problem, but it’s been a run of bad luck lasting a year now that’s really caused it. Car stolen, replacement car is a piece of shit that ends up costing me twice what I bought it for (it was fine initially of course.) Lose high paying job, end up with retrenchment payoff that disappears in no time. Moving costs more than it should have. Car fucks up several times. New job is hardly as well paying as I’d like – they have very strange super contribution rates (way too high.) And there’s not other sources coming in either….

Few. I’m not whinging here, but I just had to get it off my chest. It’s amazing how fucked up things can feel when you’ve got no money, or even worse, when you have money but it’s all spoken for and out of your control, so you’re actually earning it, but you never get a chance to do anything with it. I’ve learned that decent money will make even a crap job tolerable – that might be why my current job feels so shit, when realistically I know that it isn’t that bad – I’m just not getting any of the usual benefits out of it.

But fuck all that. My writing is where it’s at and it’s the only thing I shoud give a shit about right now. What’s good is good, and what isn’t doesn’t matter, since all I should be doing is writing.

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