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Ha ha… jokes on me I think. I’m just not updating this thing at the moment.

I can see why the pros have someone else run their website for them. I really want to redesign this thing, but I just haven’t got around to it yet.

I should damn well be on this blog more often as well – most of my good posting goes to a few message boards – so I should probably get in the habit of putting those rants up here.

As for the writing, well things could definitely be on the up. SNAPSHOT sales attempts continue with great effort, and my new novel is speeding along, though I desperately need to find a regular schedul to write the thing. I hate not feeling like I can write when I get home from work – when I used to write, then go to work, it seemed much more manageable. Have to work something out.

More later – for real this time. Right now it’s late and I have things to do…

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