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Got some good things going sales wise for SNAPSHOT… well, it’s not like it’s sold yet or anything, but it’s at least one step the right way down the path towards that end. I have a major local agent now considering the whole novel. Considering she’s asked for this based on a query letter only, I figure there’s some chance that she’ll like it. And if that happens, then who knows where that will lead…

I’m starting to think about things like publicity and marketing. Even if I can get my book published, it’s still a hell of a hard journey to get people to buy it. I’d like to assume that the publisher will help me with that, but it’s not always a given, so I figure that I will be doing most of it myself. There’s interviews and publicity in every medium, but I really plan to use the web a lot. I’ve seen what writers like Warren Ellis have done in a medium like comics – used the web to build up a following to great effect, and I’ve seen what movies like AI and The Matrix have done to extend the story to the web, and I fully plan to do something similar. It’s got to get publicity on it’s own, as well as attract people to the book. Publicity that generates more for it’s own sake is something I learned from Bryce Courteney – and hell, it’s worked for him. It’s still early stages, but it’s definitely part of my game plan.

Enough of that for now – back to the writing.

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