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My new writing tool — Das Keyboard Professional Model S for Mac

I only ordered this on Monday night, after months of deliberation and attempts to try one out in person. But with seeming no chance, I had to rely on reviews and recommendations online, and they were entirely unanimous.

So today, several days earlier than I expected, I got this:

Das Keyboard for Mac

It’s the Das Keyboard Professional Model S for Mac, one of the best available mechanical keyboards aimed especially at writers, programmers and anyone else that uses their keyboard regularly (that isn’t a gamer). Writer Greg Rucka is a big fan of his Model S for Mac, and I’d read so many other good reviews. And with an increase in my typing here, and even a slight worry about the state of my fingers from all the typing (a good mechanical keyboard is better for your fingers as well as being faster generally), I decided this was the way to go.

It’s only early days so far, and the one thing I always read is that they take some getting used to before you really feel the full benefit. But I would have to say I’m liking it already. It’s loud by design, but not as loud as I expected, because honestly I’m a loud typist! It’s an interesting feel, at once heavier and stronger as a keyboard, but also lighter because each key mechanism is weighted so that less effort is required to press each key. I won’t know for a while how much faster I will type, but it does already feel like it’s making me faster.

I should write on this again in a couple of weeks to see how it’s working for me then… but so far, so good.

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