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Happy birthday to Will and an awesome day!

Wednesday is my son’s 10th birthday. This is a wonderful thing and a nice milestone for any kid, but especially for Will. He’s seem so much, and experienced so much already with all his medical issues that it wasn’t necessarily a given that he’d reach this. I know I can tell myself that sort of thing was unlikely, but well, it wasn’t impossible either, given how complicated things have sometimes been.

But no matter. Will is 10 and we’re so happy for him. He’s a unique child a quite a character, with his own quirks, interests and routines, and we will support him every way we can. He can also be trying in his own way, but that’s just another thing we have to support.

A great day today — Dubbo, letting him choose his own presents (Lego of course), and then The Lego Movie. And wow is it good — I should write about it further here in the next few days.

So happy birthday William, hope you had a great day today, and have many more to come 🙂




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