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Broadband and dead leaders

News today dominated by Margaret Thatcher’s death and the competing broadband plans in the news. Needless to say, I found the coalition plan to be underwhelming at best and a joke at worst, and of course was more disgusted by the general state of the mainstream news coverage of the announcement. It wasn’t really bias, it was ignorance, that shone through.

And Margaret Thatcher is dead… we had the platitudes from the politicians and the news, but at least through social media we got to see how many people really thought of her. I can’t claim a big impact on me from her legacy (though I suspect she influenced too many Australian conservative politicians), but it’s not hard to find out what she did to the UK. And yes, I do believe everyone from Morrissey to Elvis Costello to Ben Elton, who wrote and sang and performed about her for years. To say she fuelled a generation of protest performance is actually one of the better claims that can be made about her legacy.

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