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Tonight’s Q&A on Education

Well… that was an experience I’m still winding down from. Because of my complete lack of bedroom TV reception I watched the News 24 web stream, and realised halfway through that it was about 2-minutes behind the Twitter feed!

No matter… there wasn’t much too it really. Not particularly substantial, really. Christopher Pyne was as nauseating as ever, and Peter Garrett was eager, but somehow so underwhelming.

There were way too many man asking questions and too few women. They seemed to favour “experts” rather than regular people, though a handful of teachers and students did get in there, though alas not anyone I know online.

When I really get into these things I start to Tweet furiously, and tonight was no exception. Lots to say, plenty of anger, but no, it didn’t really amount to much.

And now I can go back to ignoring Q&A again… it’s not a show format I enjoy.

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