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Why switch sides, or what is everyone else thinking?

I honestly don’t understand “swing voters”. You don’t have enough political principles to know where to stand? You think things change that much? You feel that your principles will be improved by sending the message of voting for the complete opposite of those principles? Or you just have no interest in politics at all and vote purely for whichever leader gives you a nicer feeling at the polling booth? (I’m tipping the latter).

Lets be personal about this. There’s no secret about which side of the political spectrum I fall on. And the other side, in no guise I’ve seen ever, holds the slightest interest for me at all, or holds any position I find appealing. But aspects of what “ny side” are doing are not where I”d like them to be either. So what do I do? Abandon my principles and vote for the other side as some kind of “protest”? (and make sure the opposite of what I believe in is enacted?)

Or go further in the opposite direction for a minor party, one that may have more influence, or conversely less influence, for a whole host of reasons. Always with the feeling that a minor party will always be exactly that — minor.

These are not good times, politically and socially speaking (to be honest, in a more personal sense, they’re wonderful :)) but we shall all make it through somehow. Glad to be in a world with opportunities — for me at least.

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