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An amusing turn of events

The middle day of a long weekend is supposed to be one where you don’t get much done, but I feel as if I made some use of it…

So much Twitter conversation today, which does feel productive most of the time. I made a small reply to US author Joe Hill about US gun laws that he retweeted to 164,000 followers, so that gave me a constant stream of retweets, follows and replies all day. I’m sure there are books that explain how to do these things to build followers and audience, but when you really do it effectively you do it completely by accident and without planning!

I made bagels tonight for the first time in several months (that’s what being away for six weeks, major surgery, and the Christmas period does for regular schedules). My flour bin was covered with, and full of ants, which is anger-inducing in this house and way too common. I’ve been happy enough with this house for so many reasons, but it’s trying my patience now! After clearing the bins (and realising there was a bag of sugar in there), the important bagel stuff was fine and the bagels went to order 🙂

There is an idea for my Youth Bytes novel… a way that I may keep the core story and characters, but completely rework it. It will probably take a few months at least, but I’ve made a start and am cautiously optimistic. Too late for some competitions, maybe just fine for some others, but the work is the important thing.

From dough to bagel

From dough to bagel

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