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Hard not to go with New Year’s Resolutions

I generally don’t hold too much stock in these things, but there’s always a few I want to try and follow.

Fitness, health and weight is usually one to watch — but I pretty much worked that one out perfectly last year. I lost between 10-15kg last year in preparation for the big donation, and did it easily. I exercised more, but mostly I watched what I ate big time. I feel like I should be in a good position now health-wise, but I also feel as if I might have put on a bit in the recovery and Christmas period. That will determine things, but I don’t want to gain anymore weight either going forward! More exercise always helps though.

Writing of course is always the thing. Do more, do it more focused, work to goals, write to get published, make it happen. Yeah, yeah, I do say this basically every year. But the distractions of last year are thankfully past, so I actually *can* focus on this in 2013.

I am building an app. Something that definitely connects to my writing. That is all I will say.

Professionally, work is pretty good, but it won’t last forever, probably. I should have a job of some kind there after this year, but there probably aren’t any guarantees either. I have to think about this more — I can’t make a definite declaration now about the best course of action.

Family is good — there are details I wouldn’t get into here, but we’re happy, we’re healthy again and things are going nicely. What we really could do with is a house truly of our own, but that’s probably more than a one year plan!

There are other, smaller things. Lots of things to do, buy, see, make and experience. Most of it I will relate here at some point, but not as resolutions!



Did I mention food? Cook more, cook better, like this pizza…

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