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The quiet days of winter…

Haven’t been here much recently… just laying low really. I suppose we’re just coming out of the last of winter here now. Coonabarabran isn’t the coldest place I’ve ever been, but it’s up there. You notice it’s winter, let’s put it that way…

So it’s a time to lay low, save money, spend the time quietly at home with the family, not much else. Trying to write of course, not that I’m getting far on new stuff, that’s for sure… There’s indecision about what direction to go, let alone how to best do it regularly. I found out in the last week that I missed the cut for both the ASA and CBCA mentor programs — not much I can do about that except now look at saving my money and getting some pro editorial advice at cost. It’s not that much to spend when it’s the only thing I’ve really ever wanted.

There’s always opportunities on the horizon of course: I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Momentum Books submission guidelines… a new epublishing venture from Pan Macmillan is a good thing, and I already have some Twitter links with the main players. (Probably overstating that, but at least I can keep in touch better!)

And I will just start something new… as well as continuing to persevere with editing the existing projects. And the old unfinished thriller is probably worth looking at again — time to try the adult market with that one I would say.

Everything is so good up here, in Coonabarabran. Work is good (contract extension!), family is good, everything links up nicely. But for my writing, in some respects it’s probably too easy. Too much time, not much of it free… certainly not much of it solo time. Which I can hardly complain about… but well, it means some considerations need to be made.

But winter is nearly over. Bring on better weather 🙂

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