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Text Prize 2011

The winner of the Text Prize 2011 was announced this morning:

“The winner of the 2011 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing is Myke Bartlett, for his adventure novel The Relic, in which mythological creatures invade suburban Perth and threaten the world.”

I can’t help but thinking this is the final proof that sci-fi/fantasy is where it’s all at for YA fiction now… kind of knew it already but this would appear to prove it. Not that I have the slightest problem with that of course — love the genre — and the newest work I’m getting underway is in just this area. Bring on Text Prize 2012!

I did put a work in the competition this year, but no finalist gig this time… not a problem, there’s always room for more work. It was something I wrote not too long ago that I haven’t even mentioned here.

Congratulations of course to Myke, and all the other finalists! Always great to see Australian authors getting ahead!

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