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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s always the time of the year to think about this thing, as we’re constantly reminded in all media… along with the constant reminder that we mostly never follow through with these things. So just for the record, here’s what I’d like to do more of this year:

— Writing. Well duh, of course. I did pretty well with it last year, but I just want to keep up my consistency. There’s at least two books I could write this year that I already have in mind.

— Revising, editing and improving the above. This one is probably more important, as it’s something I’m less familiar with and less at ease with. I have to apply what I know to revise what I’ve already done. Fix it. Make it better. Improve it. On every level I can find. And this includes getting involved with writing groups and getting other people to help me revise. Which leads to…

— Getting a publishing deal. This one is harder, of course, and it’s not exactly in my control, but I must resolve to do everything in my power to make this happen (usually just lots of the previous two points). And that’s a deal, not necessarily publication, because you can never control the timing of that.

— More physical activity. Might depend on where I live of course, but there’s always something. And a team sport would be better, to inject something more social. Golf would be good too. Get better fitness, eat well.

— Group creative collaboration. This is really vague, but I’m thinking something creative with a group of people would be good. Done a little of this years ago, but would lke to get back to it, and it would most likely be online. Could be gaming, animation, writing, film, comics or something else. Really, the social aspect is as important as whatever the project is. Gettting to know other creative people again and all that.

— Business. Whether it’s IT repairs/help/online freelancing, or a secondhand bookshop, or a combination of both, I want to get that going this year (yes, that would be in Coona in all likelihood). This is really regardless of my main job aspirations there. It will be easier to start slowly if I have the day job, and if I don’t and go for this, well it will just have to be all out then, won’t it?

— Being active in the town. If as is most likely, we’re all in Coona within a month or two, I want to be active in the town. Groups, activities, events. Good for me, good for the family. Good for business above too. And just fun and social at the same time.

— Make stuff. Do more woodworking — all kinds of stuff big and small. Get into some of the electronics things I want to do. MAME cabinets, home theatre PCs, other gadgetry. Build my electric guitar (and then more!) Amp, speakers too? Business or fun, it doesn’t matter, just do it.

— Cooking and foodie stuff. Well, we cook to eat, so just more variety there, but what about more? Ginger beer, beer brewing (try what I made!), other soft drink, other produce. Get Sallie in the garden (and join her?!?), grow stuff. Fun or business, but there’s always possibilities.

— Family. Honestly, I think I’m doing pretty well there. Keep up the time with Will and Alex, give Lachlan more time as he gets bigger and more aware, and just make family the most important thing, despite all the above. Make Will’s school the best it can be for him.

That really covers it all I think. Ten points. That’s quite enough really 🙂

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