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Tell me about your Internet usage

Well, that’s what someone asked me today. By complete accident, I was called by a Swinburne University Psychology department phone poll, which gave this very interesting opportunity to answer a bunch of questions about my Internet habits.

She told me it would take about 20 minutes, but in the end it took 45 minutes. But it just flew by, probably because I can talk for hours about the topic, and she was happy to hear it. I’m probably atypical of their poll results, but I don’t care.

Funniest moment came when she asked me about how often I look at “adult sites”, which led to the slightly odd semi-answer that my work leaves me looking at adult sites every day… but yeah, I do occasionally otherwise anyway. And we left it at that 🙂

And there was lots about downloading habits, and legal downloading and illegal downloading, and ecommerce and more. I like to think I gave some good answers and a lot of explanation.

Would be curious to know how I got roped in to begin with… must have been a totally random phone thing I guess. And I suppose that many would just say no… wonder if she expected someone with as much to say as me 🙂

You can see all about their study at this Swinburne site, which on my own observation now is actually more the site of the people carrying out the survey process, not the people who wanted the data… interesting. Oh well.

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