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A wee bit of progress for Will

Will has a lot of medical problems, as anyone that knows us is aware. Problems in his kidney and bladder, and it’s followed through to a number of other developmental areas. It’s tough, but we cope.

On Monday, he had another operation, but just a small one this time. He has what’s called a visacostomy in his tummy, basically there to let urine drain out of his bladder because the usual plumbing just didn’t work. It was messy and annoying, but reasonably effective.

But this operation was designed to close that up temporarily and let us work on hopefully getting his functions down there back to normal. For the first few days it didn’t seem particularly effective, with a lot of leakage, but suddenly last night, after he was finished with his bath…

Will started to do a bit of a wee 🙂 He was standing in the bath and thought it was wonderfully amusing and happy! I don’t think he’s ever done it before, so when I saw it, I was just as happy for him, and made ssure Sallie got to see as well. Of course I excused him for not using the toilet… one step at a time and all that… but it was wonderful to see any progress at all.

There’s still a lot to go with this, and we’ve only got a short time until school starts. And it’s not just a matter of toilet training either — he literally has to learn what it’s like to wee like everyone else. It’s very hard to imagine not being familiar with that, but he’s never been able to do it before.

Sallie would like to point out that I got this moving by being really direct with the Doctors, something I’m quite happy about. But it’s not time for laurel reasting, because there’s a lot to do now, and it’s about time we were finally able to start!

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