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No Moran’s Left Now… more Underbelly news

As many will have no doubt read, Des “Tuppence” Moran was murdered yesterday, in broad daylight, in the middle of the day, in a crowded cafe in Melbourne. He follows to the grave his brother Lewis, his nephews Jason and Mark, and many, many of their colleagues and friends.

This is likely freaking police out right now, since Des Moran had no connections (that I’ve read) to any recent criminal activity, and everyone you’d think would have been out to get him was already dead or in jail. The fact he was so well known was one thing, but the fact the crime was so brazen and public is the other thing: and obviously very dangerous. Whoever did this clearly wasn’t worried about anyone else.

Makes you wonder who did do it though. I actually wonder if new gangsters in Melbourne actually thought killing the last Moran man would be good for business, not because he was any kind of competition, but simply because it would get them in the Underworld fame books, and get them media headlines (mostly of these nutters are fame whores now anyway, in that Godfather/Scarface kind of way).

So another chapter of Underbelly, or just a sad segue into some other lame crime syndicate, selling drugs to dummies who still want them, while the cops wonder what kind of idiots are keen to shoot up people in broad daylight like this? Hard to tell really, but I hear the police are very close to arrests already (I mean, I’ll check the news, they might have someone already).

Either way, Underbelly is on again next year on Nine, with another past story. If this new thing warrants more stories, expect to wait until at least after there are convictions and sentencing, at least.

UPDATE: Turns out the culprits were far closer to hom… Judy Moran and family arrested in gangland murder

Judy Moran

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