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Small-fry competition

Went into the city today for a birthday party for a friend at work, which I haven’t done that often recently, so it was good. Of course, the weather was awful, and the trains were delayed from trackworks, but it worked out okay.

Cameron picked an amusing choice for lunch… he’s 29 but went for the “12-year-old” birthday option. We ate at “Bite Me” Burger at Star City Casino, another one of the increasingly common higher-end themed burger places popping up. Better than The Counter, not quite as good as Grill’d, is how I’d describe it (to name drop a few other burger places I’ve eaten at recently. None as good as Burgerlicious though, but it’s been a few years since I went there.

Nice lunch, good time with good people, talked mostly about sport since it was a fairly blokey crowd, oddly enough. After, we were supposed to go back to Darling Harbour to play Laser tag, something I haven’t done since I was about 14. Apparently the other guys had been there not long ago one night and thought it would be fun.

But when we got there it was kid central. Not exactly surprising really, but this place, from what I’m told, runs like a kid’s party heaven in the day time, then turns into a nightclub on the right nights. No guesses as to when they last went.

Anyway, to some extent we’d expected to take on teenagers, but when a tribe of seven year olds marched in with a typical seven-year-old degree of noise, we reconsidered our options. And quickly backed out…

Maybe another time, when the crowd matches us a little more. Not really wanting to look like Barney from “How I Met Your Mother”, we thought it would be tough to take on kids half our size, so we opted out.

Oh well, it will have to be Laser Tag another day. Still, good fun anyway…

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