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Happy Mother’s Day

Went a couple of places for Mother’s Day today. Technically our lunch date was for another kid’s birthday… a 1st birthday for Sallie’s Uncle’s young daughter. So of course Sallie was nuts for getting a little girl’s present (still not happening for us!) and we had lunch there with some close family of hers.

A good relaxing time, where I also got to pick up some freelance web business. That’s a developing area that I’m spending more and more time on… that will be a whole different web presence however 🙂

My new digital video camera is coming in handy too. This weekend was the first big use of it… only bought it last week when my stimulus money came in (yay!) and it was only $200 anyway so I didn’t have to go nuts. It’s a tiny little thing and obviously no-frills to a degree, but good stuff from what I’ve done with it. Hope to use it in heaps of areas, including work (tax deduction!)

Anyway, filmed some party stuff today and yesterday, will be putting some of it online real soon. Likely just use YouTube even though I could do a few direct options here, but probably not much reason to use the bandwidth (though if it’s a good freelance work show-off, maybe that’s enough reason 🙂 )

Went to see my mother in the afternoon… family in front of the football, as always. Dad and brother are seriously nuts about their tipping competition, so even though we had no stake in the afternoon’s game, they were crazy because they have their tipping competition to think about. Very familiar situation…

And finally, let me say Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there, but especially of course to my mother and my darling wife. My mother, who brought me up, taught me right and showed me the world, and Sallie, who is now doing the same for Will and Alex (and boy no. 3, coming soon!)

Where would any of us be without them?

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