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The party of no

No, not Republicans, or Liberals or anything like that… William James Turner. Will’s become the personal party of no recently, refusing at least partially most every thing that is asked of him.

But, it’s hard to be annoyed, because he’s just so polite about it all! Every time he says no, it’s not forceful, it’s a “No thank you”, or a quieter “I say no”, or something like that. Cute and polite, even if he is saying no.

Don’t mind really, because I know it’s just a phase, and the funny part is, he still goes ahead and does it most of the time anyway… still saying no as he completes the task (he really is quite helpful now when it comes right down to it), but it’s just the cutest and funniest thing to watch 🙂

On another front, it seems as if he is closing in on early reading skills now as well… I was encourraging him to look at words last night, and when he said “D O G, that spells Dog”, it was the most wonderful thing… ! He’s known his alphabet both from recitation and by sight for a while now, and he really wants to read, so I’m going to encourage this practice as much as possible and I think he will start to get sounding out the words quite soon now.

That’s parenting 101, back next time for more lessons and reports 🙂

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