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eePC questions

On the train this morning I got my first laptop conversation. Every day on the train the laptop appears for me to write, and the passenger next to me says nothing. But today, an older guy asked me some questions about the laptop. He was suitably impressed, and asked me about the battery life, and other features… sounded like he wanted one 🙂

(I wonder if there’s an offline WordPress function or even program… it would be great if I could tap this out offline, and have it all setup to upload automatically to the blog. Look for blog management software, since I think some desktop apps do actually do this.)

(Also, look for a desktop to-do list, maybe one that integrates online, but is mainly for offline, since my laptop is everywhere and I have got to have one to-do list unified. That would be best solution, since I don’t want the laptop *always* online!)

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