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Holiday activities

We decided we should do something over the weekend that was a real “family activity”, so we went out to Penrith to visit the Museum of Fire.

A good day was had by all… I didn’t think it would be much of anything, but there was some good stuff, and Will and Alex had a great time. Will especially loved all the fire engines displayed, but especially loved the interactive corner where he was able to get inside one engine, play with an interactive thing, and generally be a kid with as much interactivity as possible. Alex, being the big car boy that he is, liked all the machinery as well.

We have to get to more museums and things like this now… Will’s just getting to the right age to be into places like this, and I really had such a good time because they did.

And there was Macca’s for lunch, and some playground time… all really good. This one definitely qualified as a good family day.

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