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Miracle of miracles

Good Friday, starting a holiday weekend, and a very long one at that.

Apparently Good Friday should be a day for miracles, or the start of miracles, or something like that. We had our own today, where the previously dormant lawn mower, that has refused all activity in the last three months, finally decided to work this morning, for no apparent reason.

So with everything else closed, today was an excellent day for housework action, and I moved nearly all of the now insanely high grass. We’d done the front a while ago (well, Dad brought over his mower and did it for me!), but the back had gone nuts. No one else can see it, so we’d left it, and it had literally become several feet high in places.

But I became the man possessed today, and powered through tonnes of green stuff, in what could seriously be seen as hard work. But it felt good!

And finally, we have a backyard again, and despite the fact that the yard really is terrible and bizarrely uneven, at least the grass is nice and short again, and we can use it, and the kids can use it, and it has some real function. Next stop, making the garage the new “office”.

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