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So, does everything change tomorrow then?

Off to bed now, and when I wake up, Barack Obama will be President of the United States. I considered staying up for this one, or waking up, but it’s at 4am local time and I’m just not up to it (being a little bit sick and all).

That said, this is a momentous occasion, and there will no doubt be replays all day long. I just hope this all delivers what we want to see though.

I think Barack Obama is going to do so much for America and the world just by being average. I hope he’s much more than average of course, but even average would be better than what Bush has put us through for eight years.

But it’s frightening just how many things Obama is inheriting, and how many extremely difficult issues he will have to tackle. It’s insane actually. From economic disaster to wars to the middle east to environmental issues to just fixing America’s attitude and manner and standing in the world, Obama’s got to fix it all. Or at least make a start.

But damn, he really does seem to be up to the task. We all hope that works.

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