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The season for parties

A week from Christmas, and naturally there are parties everywhere. I went to my work’s Christmas party yesterday afternoon, and that was a fine occcasion. Can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was right down on the water, next door to McMahon’s Point ferry wharf on Sydney Harbour. A gorgeours view, straight on to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Really nice weather, insanely good food, and a good time had by all.

I even managed to give THE announcement to everyone at work, which I might just elaborate here in a differrent post. We had a little Christmas gift swap, and I ended up with this no-slip drink coaster, which is handy with kids around šŸ™‚ I even ended up with a giant pencil that the boss had received — it seemed better for kids to play with anyway…

The courses… entree was an asparagus salad with some kind of creamy sauce. Very nice. Main course, had by nearly everyone, was grain-fed Angus beef with mushroom and onions. Top stuff. Desert was an insane chocolate fest — chocolate ice cream with chocolate mousse and little chocolate crackles.

I appreciate it when management does something this fancy for staff at this time of year. Of course, it’s my smallest work group in years (only about 15 people this year, compared with upwards of 100 at Christmas parties in the last few years), so it was a different situation. But a good afternoon all the same. And it was great that we could go straight home after!

I’d hoped to catch a ferry, but with a bad scheduled, I eventually just walked up the street to North Sydney and caught a train as usual. Home before 6.30pm for the first time in weeks…

Tonight, we had a small family gathering with Sallie’s cousinsĀ  at her Uncle’s place. A nice night again, with Will and Alex entertaining the crowd, and generally a quietly fun time.

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