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In which we go to the markets

Getting fruit and vegetables from Paddys Markets in Flemington is such a great idea. I recommend it to everyone. If only you just didn’t have to go there.

It’s tough to drive into, the parking is always psycho, and the place it self — it’s packed full of people, busy, dangerous or feels like it… in short, it’s nuts. Especially when we bring both Will and Alex with us. It feels outright dangerous at times, but eventually I realise that’s kind of overdoing it.

But we always end up with good stuff — tomatoes, capsicums, cherries, mushrooms and more. Sallie’s doing a lot of preserving, so that helps with the numbers, and it gives us sauces and jams for the whole year. And the prices remind you just how expensive supermarkets actually are.

So it’s a hell of a good place to get food — just the place itself is too crazy for words!

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