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Don’t get off target

I was going to write something about writing as a business again, then I realised there isn’t much point, and that I have to concentrate on the writing itself, because nothing else matters until you have that down.

Fair progress in NanoWriMo — I’m just behind where I should be, but it’s a margin I could easily make up, provided I do enough when I’m away next weekend, and keep at it day in day out till the month’s end (and go nuts in the last two days!)

Not a bad go — got more done this weekend than last, but still not much today. So that has to improve. And I really have to write anything to a degree… just get it on paper, get it done, make it happen. Iron it out later in rewrites.

And I found this comp today: 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award , which looks good, but more remarkably is actually open to Australians. For that fact alone, I really need to enter it. they don’t take entries until February, so I will actually have stuff to show by then. This is a good opportunity, no matter what happens. Just remember it’s on when The Hold Steady are here 🙂

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