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Wonderful day

Really great day at home today. Was feeling a bit ill from last night, so was able to get up fairly late (9am, ha!), quiet morning, getting back into it. Actually got a good amount of writing done today, which is a change for the weekend, but by the end of the day, probably not as much as I should.

Then late in the afternoon, had that great family time outside, with Alex and  Will riding the tractor, and we play cricket, and run around, and they’re just generally being kids, and damn it’s wonderful, regardless of what I write here.

Then dinner — if anyone ever tells you to just buy fish and chips, don’t listen to them. I had a couple of nice pieces of fish I bought from Woolies (DeCosti, so good fishmarket stuff), then I made my own chips, added mushroom and onions, then some steamed vegetables as well… magnificent. And a lot of good healthy stuff there too. But it was pefect cause I made it myself 🙂

Watched Dave Chappelle’s Block Party — great music, great message. Watch The Shield episode 11 — damn that’s getting hardcore now, and close to the end.

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