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ABC bias

Usually I think all reports of ABC (Australia) bias are a crock of shit. Rubbish made up by right wing nutjobs that can’t handle real reporters grilling them or their political charges.

But after watching the news last night, I’m not so sure… but not how you, or they (above), would think.

It was another story on the US election, following McCain in Pennsylvania (again). And I’m firmly convinced that the ABC’s agenda was to make all Americans look like retarded simpletons.

As polls consistently show Obama ahead on all counts, and as much verifiable evidence has McCain tanking big time, ABC (and other news outlets) seem to want to follow McCain’s death spiral like never before. And more importantly, when they showed McCain’s supporters they were the worst kind of dullards imaginable. Not just racist, but stupid, spouting falsehood after falsehood about Obama — the usual stuff — “he’s a Muslim”, “his oath of office was done with a Koran”, etc… I mean, if you’re against a guy, at least be against him for realistic reasons.

And of course, I have no doubt that this is an accurate picture of many of McCain’s supporters. But why such a heavy focus on them? As things slip away from McCain and polls show his heavy-duty supporters more and more of a minority, it seems that the ABC News wants to focus on them more than ever. As they become more irrelevant to the US, they seem more relevant to the foreign news show.

So why would this be? Sure, it’s “real”, but it just seems so unrepresentative of the way America is trending right now… as if they want to make sure to have them look like idiots…

More later if it seems to warrant it.

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