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Spent most of the late night at home going through hair-brained questions passed on to me that originate from someone thoroughly repellant related to work. They were answered, and spoke clearly to my immense frustrations at aspects of the place, but it doesn’t leave me with much hope for it really.

I mean, if this influence has returned, we’re in a lot of trouble, or even if this influence is just advising things. That’s probably even worse, since it gets to stay hidden.

On the upside, didn’t have to go to work today. Downside, we spent the whole day desperately house hunting, put in two new applications, but that will likely still have us heavy with competition, and not really any closer to getting somewhere to live. And this story had to pop up today, to make us feel even better about the whole process.

Ha ha. That is all I will say on these topics, I think, to avoid going insane…

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