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Memo to Telstra, Optus, govt, whoever…

Will you all please get a move on and improve connection speeds and general Internet quality in this country? Because if Will’s reaction at the moment is anything to go by, if we don’t improve things soon he’ll be ballistic if he has to wait for a Flash movie still by age eight!

At the moment, we have a lot of trouble looking at really Flash heavy animation and video sites like Pixar (which at times, is now a verb in this house — ie: “Daddy, I want to Pixar”.) So when a site takes a while to load, and it’s evening and Will hasn’t had a sleep all day… well, damn you Internet!

It’s completely natural of course, but this sort of impatience is certainly a new thing for him… I don’t think he should have to understand why it happens. It’s the future damnit!

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