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On being more of a fan

I’ve decided that I need to be more of a fan. Sure I like lots of stuff, but it’s been years since I was a real “fan”.

And being a real fan isn’t just about being a passive spectator, in fact, these days it’s pretty much the opposite. It’s about the social scene, the creative scene, and in this case… the unified scene.

The Hold Steady are just the greatest band in the world, and I can’t stop listening to their stuff. So I’ve started getting into their messageboard more, and I’m really seeing what I can do to push for them to tour here soon. And I’m looking at their fan t-shirts… they have this thing called the “unified scene” that comes from some of their lyrics, and it’s really just the fan group, but it’s such a great idea.

Well, I’m gushing a bit here… it’s late really, and I never get actual sleep it would seem.

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