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The highs and lows of Wall-E

It was a big day today as I took Will to his first ever big screen movie. We went to see a special charity screening of Wall-E, the new Pixar movie. And before you take the title above the wrong way, the movie was great. Warm, funny, clever and original, it was brilliant in the way everything Pixar does is, but different to anything Pixar has done before.

But the title above refers to Will — he loved the movie, yet of course it was fairly long, and a 4-year-old couldn’t quite keep still for that whole time. And must have been awe inspiring for him, and it must have tired him out, because we certainly didn’t get anything else done out today. One trip to Target today, he freaks about the usual thing (the Pixar shorts DVD we have no reason to buy because we have all the shorts already, and he’s in psycho child mode. So badly did he freak out that I had to drag him out and head home, skipping buying an Eve figure in the process. I mean, I’ll get that another time, but it did cut things slightly short.

But I don’t mind… he did well at his first ever movie outing. Thought he might get freaked by the darkness, or the noise, or something else when we were in row 3 and with a 40-foot high screen, but he was great. He was so into the movie, as I thought he would be, and I can really see this being the first of many movies we see together.

Of course we took different things out of Wall-E, and were no doubt watching it in completely different ways, but we both loved the movie honestly, as I have with all the Pixar movies. I say a lot that it’s so good that I can love something my son does in a completely honest way… and so soon too.

But Pixar is like that. Not many movies appeal as openly to a 4-year-old as they do to a 33-year-old, but that’s Wall-E and Pixar for you 🙂


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