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Daytripping again

Took a little road trip today with the family… an easy one up the northern freeway to Maitland in the lower Hunter. Thinking of moving there.

It’s a long story, but as I mentioned recently we have to be out of our current house by the end of September, and we’ve wanted to get out of Sydney for a while. There’s business chances that we can set ourselves up with, and Maitland is looking appealing.

And it seems like a pretty good place. Maitland central, and Lorn acrossn the river especially. Lorn is a place I could happily live… though it’s not as cheap as the other areas there. It’s not exactly Sydney prices either, or just moderate Sydney prices, but they’re very nice places.

We drove around a lot, had some nice lunch, checked out some shops (and bought toys and books, naturally), and checked out a few more areas of the region. It appears that housing is probably nearly as hard to obtain as it is in Sydney… should have seen that coming I guess.

A nice trip for the day. We have to move in a month, so we’ll have to decide something soon.

Tomorrow: Wall-E day!

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