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Staying Positive

Yes, I’m listening to The Hold Steady quite a lot recently (hence the title). And there’s a lot of really depressing crap I could write about here, I really couldn’t be bothered to smother it all over my blog as well.

I think I have to make a change again. The last change was definitely the wrong one, and it put me in the position I am now (a bad one), but hopefully I can make the new change a better one.

Of course, the big thing is hopefully. I should be able to be more certain than that, because after this happens a few times I end up wondering just how much I can even trust my own judgement on these things…

…and stop right there, not positive enough for this thought pattern.

I really need advice from somewhere, and I really need to discuss these things with someone who isn’t that close to me, but is sympathetic and knowledgable. Hmmm…

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