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Finally a Daily Show again

Finally got back to watching The Daily Show again. Since I moved the main PC out of the loungeroom, I just didn’t seem to make time for the downloads and the watching, and I knew I was missing something good, but I just didn’t seem to get around to it with the new job and all that. Stupid of course. Downloaded and watched all of last week’s shows tonight…

Damn it’s a good show!
It’s just what I need to make sense of the world sometimes … instead of cursing the television and threatening TV idiots with violence 🙂

And today we got to see that Will actually likes garden centres as long as they’re big and outdoors, and he can run around like crazy and investigate everything. His mood was just so good there today, but of course it also meant that he was grumpy as anything later, slept for hours, then was up all through the evening, when we were trying to watch Big Love.

But you deal with that of course, when even the bad things are good things 🙂

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