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Now that’s what I call cute

Had to post the post-haircut pics … here’s Will and Alex on Sunday, the day after their haircuts:

Will and Alex

Sallie took this one in the sunroom … completely unposed, but worked very well 🙂

And this is a funny one … in the park in Richmond, with me bribing Will with his new Cars toy to get him to sit still!

Will and I

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  1. Carole Lee
    Carole Lee July 30, 2008

    My Darling

    What a wonderful daddy you are. You have no idea how much your Mum loves you. I want to steal your beautiful babies and keep them for myslef.
    Give them a big hug and kiss from me.
    Aunty Carole
    Your Mum and I are trying to find you on facebook? will you be our friends?

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