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Small boys can finally jump

Had lunch at the parents today … a family affair, we’ve done it many times before. No Wests game to watch actually made it easier, of course 🙂

But it was just so much fun! Not that it isn’t a good time of course, but Will and Alex just enjoyed themselves so much. Alex gets all over the place and into everything of course, while Will apparently discovered basketball today. There’s an old mini-hoop over there that my brother has had for 15 years, and with a new ball, we introduced Will to hoop shooting. He hasn’t taken much to throwing the ball yet, but he loved me picking him up so he could drop it in — yes, the 4-year-old slamdunk 🙂 And he also found quickly he could climb the stairs to the top of the balcony and drop the ball in right over the top of the hoop, so he did that again, and again, and again.

And another thing that helped, which he just seemed to develop in the last week or two, is that he can finally jump. Don’t know why, but it’s something he’s always found hard — he’s had some problems with certain physical activities off his early health issues, but he’s got most things, except for jumping. Until now.

And he knows it too. Which has made him happier than ever to be able to do it. Just to see the glee on his face when he jumps up and down. Such a simple thing, but such a happy thing.

(Father glows appropriately now 🙂 ) …

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