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The Saturday that felt like a Sunday

Real quiet one today, nice and slow, not doing a lot except some cleaning at home and watching some movies. Watched most of Cars again with Will and Alex … felt very cute and cozy in a family way, and Cars is very watchable even on multiple repeats.

Been reading up on some Cars stuff online after, including the history of Route 66, all the details of the Cars movie characters, and am once again amazed by the sheer breadth of knowledge of online people in Wikipedia and other places. And it’s amazing how much detail Pixar packed into the movie — every character has a name, every sign and notice is a reference or a joke. There’s a tonne of car racing material as well that I had no idea about, things like The King looking like Richard Petty’s real life famous car (Petty voiced the character), that racing fans would have known instantly but we didn’t.

And another funny thing that occurred to me was that Cars could so easily have been done in Australia — exactly the same story, but with the Australian car world: V8 Supercars, voices like Dick Johnson, Mark Skaife, Craig Lownes etc, and all the Australian cars, especialy Holdens. And the whole story about dying small towns and road trip holidays is just as relevant here as it is anywhere else (although the sometimes violence of cars and roads is always in the back of my mind as well).

Good day … got to have long weekends more often 🙂

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