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Finding a pub that costs you nothing

As a very last minute activity, I met Wayne (the brother) and a couple of his mates to watch the football tonight. I wasn’t planning on doing anything, mostly because I have almost no money to my name until Tuesday night.

But Wayne called up and asked if I wanted to watch Wests play the Broncos in Brisbane. After last week’s disaster, that’s a game they should have no chance of winning, but I said why not and went anyway.

Place to go is the Tingha Club in Parramatta, a fairly quiet and unremarkable place. It’s part of Wenthworthville Leagues Club that I’m a member of, so I get cheap drinks, cheap food discounts on already low prices. They have big screens for games, and there’s almost nobody there. It’s a strangely good deal … still not sure why there’s never anyone else much there, but I wouldn’t argue…

The game went better than expected, then worse … Wests put on some great tries, led for a while, then ultimately lost 19-18 from a late Broncos field goal. After last week they should have had no chance, then they really could have won, so it was slightly disappointing, but still a pretty good performance. They make too many dumb errors at times, but they do a lot of good stuff too. Best try was Wests last one with Collis’s break and in-field kick and Fulton’s followup for the try. Always love to see that.

And it was good to see Wayne, since I can’t have lunch with him anymore. The conversation is always … interesting, and it’s good to know he has some good guys to hang out with. They kick on later, though I went home after the game. What married life does to you 🙂

It’s good to go out ocassionally, especially when it costs you basically nothing 🙂

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