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A quickly noticed blog record

Coming into this too late as usual, but on my Dashboard screen in WordPress, I believe I just worked out that this is my 200th post this year, which amounts to almost a doubling of the size of my overall blog this year alone 🙂 Hooray for progress!

When this year started, I wanted to blog more and write more — the writing hasn’t gone too far sadly, and I’m still trying to fix that, but the blogging has gone magnificently. I’ve written endlessly reviewing movies and TV, talked about politics and current events, rambled on generally about my activities, ranted ocassionally about various things, and naturally written endlessly about my family, especially my kids, Will and Alex.

Top post of the year by a long shot is of course my Underbelly Character Guide. Not necessarily my personal favourite even though, but I did write it specifically to find an audience, and that worked grandly. Other posts I’m more personally happy about are really my family posts — they’re all there for anyone to take a look.

Bring on the next 200 posts. Four hundred for the year sounds good. But of course, to improve my writing …

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