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Popcorn entertainment from the inventors

Saw the latest Indiana Jones movie last night (well, this evening, it’s late now πŸ™‚ ) and it was damn good fun. Popcorn entertainment from the two masters who invented the blockbuster, is the best way I can put it.

A greatly entertaining outing by all, with top marks to Cate Blanchett in her wonderfully over-the-top Soviet villainess role of Irin. Really loved her expressions, and she did look pretty hot, in a bizarre way πŸ™‚

Karen Allen was welcomely familar as Marion Ravenwood again — she did look older, but the wonderfully feisty spark of her character was still there.

And Harrison Ford — he looked older, but the man really just doesn’t age. It’s interesting to see how he still pulls off the classic jacket and fedora look despite his age, but it’s all there.

Spielberg and Lucas … trying to work in your own past movies? You could see American Graffiti in some of the earlier scenes, and Close Encounters in some of the later ones — and both references worked well.

While it was largely just an entertaining pop culture adventure, they can also get deep as well, with the use of real (and fictional) historians, archeologists and philosophers. Indy’s always been a teacher and scholar as well as an adventurer, and there’s always been something so appealing about that.

But the botton line is, Spielberg and Lucas just really know how to entertain, and despite its implausibilities, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull does that very well.

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