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Why I gave up on Lost

Adam Savage talks Lost

Read Mythbuster Adam Savage’s review of the end of the current season of Lost and see why it’s driving everyone nuts, apparently *especially* when they’re a big fan.

While it was always science fiction, it’s now dived head first into really overt science fiction, with time travel, island moving and other such oddities. It seems to be exploring that area where physics and philosophy collides, and going seriously weirder than usual in the process.

And I hope fans could follow Adam’s description, because I could barely get it.

His conclusion that the show may just end with more questions and new answers has got to be the fear of most fans, and was my conclusion on the state of the show about two years ago. Hence, my losing of interest. And if the ratings are anything to go by, fans in Australia have lost interest, with Seven moving it to a 10.30pm timeslot last time it was on. (Unless of course they’re all just downloading it, even when it’s only shown a week after the US, which is just as likely).

This is probably why I stick to shows now that keep their long term story arcs mainly to one season at a time now — half of the best shows (ie: Veronica Mars) don’t even know if they’ll be on next season, and the other half know there’s so much competition that they don’t try to push their luck. (And I think season arcs are more satisfying anyway — give us a pay off!)

Which I guess does make Lost amazing in a way … they’ve pushed their luck continuously and it does seem to have payed off for them. It’s still on, they have a definite finishing pattern, and they’re doing exactly what they want to do. Good for them.

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