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Good times

Didn’t leave the property today except to go to Aldi and Woolworths. Don’t mind that really at all. It’s amazing how much that suits me actually.

Had a great time with Will and Alex in the backyard for about an hour or so. Playing bubble blowing and just running around and wrestling and other wonderfully amusing stuff. Too good for words. This whole parenting life really agrees with me, I have to say.

Spent several hours clearing out the garage. Kind of tough, but at the same time it does feel good to be clearing some of the clutter from our lives.

I am a big fan of Aldi — for no other reason than I can get out of there with so muc for so little. Still go to Woolworths, but only for the specialty and the luxury.

Ended up watching most of “Bring it On” again tonight — another one of those late 90s teen movies that is far better than it should be, with a good cast and lots of fun. And the hot ladies in it (especially Eliza and Kirsten) really doesn’t hurt either 🙂

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